<September 2, 2006>

Left Tank Plumbing - Leak Test Right Tank

Before I could rivet the inboard rib to the left tank I needed to complete the plumbing. This really isn't that difficult, and since I had other household projects to get done today (painting, yuk!), it fit nicely into the time I had. I also managed to officially leak test the right tank... read on for the results.

I got out my tubing cutter and bender and fabricated the vent and return lines using -4 and -6 tubing respectively. I still don't know about this return line stuff. If I had to do it again, I might just have skipped this, but at least it is there if I need it.

I terminated the return line in the center of the tanks.

Once the left tank plumbing was complete, I turned my attention towards leak testing the right tank. I presurrized the tank again (the baloon was deflated from yesterday) and I sprayed the tank down with soapy water.

The only leak I could find was at the filler cap. I put the cap in a latex glove to try and inprove the seal, but maybe that was the problem. Anyway, I sprayed all over while looking for bubble and nothing! I couldn't find any bubbles anywhere (other than the cap). This is very good news! I taped over the cap but it only slowed the leak, bubbles still formed at the edge of the tape. The instruction say to ignore leaks at the cap, so that's just what I did.

After a few minutes I took the tank out to the driveway to rinse off the soapy water and the baloon was still inflated. One tank officially done, one to go!

I am so glad I put a TV in the shop. College football is upon us, and Penn State won its first game (34-16) and heads to Notre Dame next weekend. Go Lions!