<August 31, 2006>

The Last Interior Tank Rib

I finished out the month of August by riveting the last of the interior tank ribs. No more shooting rivets on the tanks, only squeezing from this point forward. OK, the rivets that join the T-405, Inboard Rib and T-410 are shot, but I am not counting those. Not much else to report, the last rib went in fine, and then I had to cover the rivets from the other night and form filets at the rib skin joints, but overall a pretty easy night. This weekend I should be ready to close this thing up for good.

No dings on this tank. After this picture was taken, I cleaned the skin of the extra sealant around the rivets of the last rib.

All the interior ribs are riveted, but I still hadn't formed filets at the rib/skin joint when this picture was taken.