<August 27, 2006>

Began Left Tank

I had a busy weekend with the family so I didn't get as much done as I hoped, but I will take any progress I can get. I started the left tank today, and boy what a difference a little experience makes. I only installed one rib, but after having completed the right tank, the process seemed to go much smoother and quicker. By the time I am finished with this tank, I should be really good at this, and a lot of good that will do me.

I did get some time in the shop yesterday, but I spent it cleaning, organizing and taking care of a few shop related tasks I had been putting off.

First thing first, I deburred, scrubbed, dimpled and cleaned all of the ribs. Not much else to report here, you know the drill.

I wish I had done this with the first tank, but I wrapped the rivet gun and bucking bar in paper towels and tape. It helps keep all that nasty sealant off of your tools.

One rib down, six to go. I mixed a little less sealant for this rib, just 22g, and it seemed to work just fine. I buttered up the rib flanges a little bit less than on the first tank and it really seemed to cut down on the mess as I didn't have nearly as much wasted sealant squeeze out of the rivet holes. Don't get me wrong, I still coated everything, I just think I was putting too much on the ribs of the right tank. This rib looks every bit as sealed as the ribs on the first (right) tank, but I have less than half the mess I had before.