<August 23, 2006>

Anti Hang-up & Inspection Cover... Again!

Well, here I go again. While closing up the tank the other day something was bugging me. I had this nagging feeling that I had forgotten something. I checked and double-checked the instructions, but I couldn't find anything that I hadn't done, so I forged on and sealed it up. Flash forward 24 hours... While sitting at my desk at work it hit me, I forgot to install the anti hang-up bracket between the rib and stiffener that is called for in the flop-tube modifications! D'oh! Thank goodness I caught this quickly as the sealant was still tacky and easy to remove. Oh well, sometimes these things happen. I should have listened to that voice in my head more closely.

I removed the cover and cleaned the old sealant off of everything last night, but I didn't think it was worth pictures or a log entry. Tonight I installed the bracket and reinstalled (sealed) the access cover.

I forgot to take pictures during the operation, but here is the anti hang-up thing installed. I used pop-rivets because there was no way to squeeze or buck solids here. This wasn't an easy operation as I had to reach around the anti hang-up thing that is accross the inspection hole.

A new batch of sealant applied and ready for the cover.

All done... hopefully for the last time. This is a lousy picture.