<August 21, 2006>

Right Tank Inspection Cover

After a day off, I am back at it. I don't know why, but I seem to be having motivation issues lately. Wait, I know why, it is because I hate this sealant crap! I will be really happy when this is all behind me, but I know I still have one tank to go.

Tonight was pretty simple with only one item on the agenda, install the tank access cover. Easy enough right?

No before pictures tonight, just after. I started by scrubbing and cleaning the faying surfaces, then I gooped up the area with sealant and installed the cover. No rocket science needed tonight. To attach the cover I used 8-32 stainless socket head screws which I picked from McMaster-Carr (see Jan 18th). Before inserting each screw, I gooped the threads in sealant. Once all the screws were in I tightened them down in a way similar to installing a tire by tightening each across from each other working my way around and across. Clear as mud? Once all that was done, it was time to clean up, which I think took longer than installing the cover.