<August 18, 2006>

Primed Right Z-Brackets

I worked from home today, so around lunch time I ran out to the shop and squeezed in a few minutes of construction. Not much to report today. I am getting myself mentally ready to close up the first tank. I have checked and double checked everything inside the tank so I should be ready for a big sealing session this weekend. In preparation for the big event, I took a few minutes to prime the right z-brackets and to test fit and clean the baffle one last time.

Here are the primed z-brackets. I used my handy SEM self-etching primer for these, and I really like this stuff. It goes on very smooth and dries quickly. To be sure I didn't the parts confused, I wrote numbers on the paper so that I knew whick bracket was which. Once the primer was dry, I then wrote the numbers on the brackets.

One last fit check then it was time to break out the MEK and wipe everything down one last time. Before cleaning, I made sure to scuff the outside of the baffle flange so the sealant had something to grip onto.