<August 16, 2006>

More Right Wiring & Plumbing

I have been procastinating finishing up this tank. Actually, I have just been a little busy and haven't been able to give the project much time in the past few days, but I tried to at least get a little something done tonight. Before I could finish up the tank internals I had to get a set of crow-foot wrenches to tighten (torque) the fuel fittings. The torque table can be found in the Standard Aircraft Handbook and have to be adjusted for the length of the adapter (crow-foot).

The crow-foot wrench installed on my torque wrench. At first I thought I was going to have interference issues because the crow-foot was rather short, but it worked out just fine. Dan Checkoway had a neat calculator on his site for you to adjust the torque amount. Remember, if you are lengthening the arm of the wrench, you need to add the value, but if you are shortening (if the crow-foot was pointed to the right) you need to subtract or plug in a negative value for the length of the adapter.

It fit just fine. The picture is misleading in that it looks the sender wire wraps around the flop-tube, but what is really around the flop-tube is a scrap piece of the same wire I used to tie it out of the way.

After all the plumbing was secured, I mixed a small batch of sealant and applied small blobs every few inches along the vent line to keep the sender wires in place. This picture is taken mid tank and shows the vent line and fuel/vapor return line.