<August 13, 2006>

Riveted Right Inboard Tank Rib

Alright, now its time to rivet the right inboard tank rib. Not much to report here, the operation is pretty easy as the rivets can be squeezed. I will say this though... I am tired of tank sealant!

First things first. I installed the outboard sender and ran the wire through the snap-bushings to the inboard end of the tank. I then inserted the vent tube and wrapped the wire around it by rotating the bushings.

I didn't take any pictures while the riveting was in process (didn't want sealant on the camera), but here is the finished product after cleanup. First I riveted the rib in place, and while it was still wet, I riveted the t-405 and T-410 using the gun and bucking bar. If I recall, the plans called for 4-7 rivets for the T-410/Rib/T-405 junction, but I ended up using 4-8s. Again, I used electrical tape to make a nice line in the sealant (along the inside edge of the skin).

I then installed the flop tube and tighened the nut on the fitting.

Once the flop-tube was installed I gooped up the entire nose area inside and out with sealant.

What I like to call, a somewhat redundant picture or SRP.