<August 9, 2006>

Fabricated Vent & Fuel Return Lines

Before I set out to rivet the inboard rib to the tank I completed the sender wiring and tank plumbing. I got a chance to test my tube bending and flaring skills today and I think everything came out just fine.

Before doing anything today I spend a couple of minutes cleaning smudges and smears off of the tank skins. I then inserted the fuel cap and admired how it is coming along. OK, back to work.

I cut an bent some tubing for the vent line then I place the rib into position and marked where I thought would be a good place for the cut relative to the fitting on the rib (see the black mark on the tube).

Time to flair. I finally got to use my Parker Rolo-Flair tool.

Looks good so far.

After the vent line I did the same for the fuel/vapor return line. I used -6 tubing and fittings for the fuel/vapor return and if I had to do it again, I would use -4. No big deal though.

I rough installed the flop-tube and it seems to flex just fine without coming near the fuel/vapor return line.

Here is what it all looks like from the outside. One last sanity check before I break out the sealant.

Everything checked out fine, so I installed and sealed the fitting and BNC connector on the inboard rib. I gooped these up good and made nice fillets on the outside too. I am going to let this set for a night before I try to rivet it to the skin.

Time to start the sender wiring. Paying close attention to the notes on the plans I connected the lead for the outboard sender plate using the perscribed hardware and orientation.

More goop to seal the sender connection. I will let this sit a while too before I try to install it.