<August 8, 2006>

Riveted Rignt Tank Outboard Rib

It was time to rivet the outboard rib of the right tank today. All in all a pretty easy job as these rivets can be squeezed rather than shot. Not much else to say here so let's get to the pictures.

I trial fit it all one last time before riveting and sealing. As I said in an earlier log entry, 4 rivets would have been sufficient for the T-410 instead of the 6 I used. Nothing I can do about that now. It isn't pictured, but after mixing a batch of sealant, I riveted the T-410 to the outboard rib before riveting the rib to the tank.

After riveting the T-410 to the rib (while the rib was out of the tank), I then immediately riveted the rib to the skin. This picture was taken after I formed fillets and cleaned everything up. I used electrical tape to keep sealant of of the area where the tank will attach to the leading edge.

I think I am getting the hang of this sealant stuff. These fillets were pretty easy to make nice and I used lots of sealant here.