<July 29, 2006>

Rivet Left Tank Cap Flange & Stifferners

Back to work! Not much to report tonight. I riveted and sealed the cap flange and stiffeners to the left tank skin. The sealant is messy sticky stuff, but not so bad once you get the hang of it. I think I must have gone through 20 pair of gloves tonight.

As far as my process goes... after mixing the sealant, I dab a little bit into each dimple with a toothpick (Thanks Chad), before I insert and tape down the rivets. This "wet" setting of rivets is supposed to help with leaks by making sure there is a little sealant under the factory head of each rivet. Necessary? I don't know, but I don't want any leaks.

The cap flange riveted and sealed. Overkill with the sealant? Probably, but I bet it won't leak. Don't forget to rivet the vent clip into place!

Looks pretty good from the outside. I had to drill one of these out as it was sitting a little proud. The flange is curved and I don't think I pushed down on it enough when I was riveting causing the rivet to sit high.

The stiffeners were pretty easy. It looks like a lot of sealant, but I smoothed out a fillet around each stiffener with a tongue depressor (large popsicle stick).