<July 22, 2006>

Prep Left Tank Parts & Rivet Drain Flange

I made my first attempts at sealing the tanks today. I wanted to get the drain and cap flanges riveted to the left skin before leaving for Airventure (Oshkosh), but it didn't quite go as planned. The drain went fine, but during my riveting of the cap flange, a lot of sealant squeezed out between the skin and the back riveting plate. This sealant acted as a cushion and wouldn't allow me to set a few of the rivets on the cap flange properly. I drilled out the rivets and cleaned the sealant of the cap flange and skin, but by that time it was late and I needed to pack for my trip. I will pick up here when I return.

To prepare, I dimpled the stiffeners,. then scuffed and cleaned everything.

I then put electrical tape down along the rib rivet lines. This was a great idea, as I dripped sealant all over.

The left drain flange, done!

Looks pretty good from out here too, but I had a lot of excess sealant to clean off before I could take this picture.