<June 29, 2006>

Riveted Capacitive Senders and Drilled Inboard Tank Rib

Another night in the shop, I am on a roll. Not too much was done tonoight, but progress is progress. I started by riveting the nutplates to the right side capacitive fuel senders, and then I got out the fly cutter and cut the access hole in the inboard ribs.

A Brad sighting. I had my wife snap this shot so that I can prove to the FAA that I did in fact build this thing. Nice shirt Brad, could you clean yourself up for the photo?!?! As you can see, Sonoma is very shy when it comes to pictures.

First I countersunk the rivet holes then I riveted on the nutplates. You need to pay close attention here to be sure you don't countersink the wrong side.

I then drilled the access holes in the inborad tank ribs using the fly-cutter. I hate using that thing, it always seems so awkward, but when you have to drill a hole rougly 6" round it is the only tool that will do. At least my drill press goes down to 250 RPM, so it is easy to control the cutting. I got this cutter at Sears and it is a POS!