<June 27, 2006>

Drilled T-405s

Wow, real progress two nights in a row, I am amazed. I got back to work on the T-405s tonight, first by finalizing the location of the rivets and then drilling the holes. Overall a pretty easy night.

After finalizing the location of the rivet holes, I drilled them, and then used some spare rivets and the AN nut to get the location of the hole for the fitting correct. This seemed to work well and I wont have any issues with the AN nut and rivets heads. Only after I was sure that I wouldn't have interference issues did I drill the pilot hole for the fuel fitting.

I then transferred the hole locations from one T-405 to the other then drilled the holes using the drill press. The holes in the center are the pilot holes for the fuel pick-up fitting.

I then clamped the T-405 to the end rib and T-410, and match drilled the rib and T-410 through the T-405. Once all the rivet holes were done, I enlarged the hole in the center to accept the AN fitting. So far so good.