<June 26, 2006>

Drilled Right Tank

I actually managed to make real progress tonight, not catch-up work, but real progress. I must admit that after roughly five months away from building, I was a little nervous when I fired up the compressor and got out the drill tonight. The good news is it went fine, with no mistakes. I started the night by match drilling the right tank that I had reassembled just the other night, then I countersunk the tank skin to baffle holes, and finished the night by laying out the rivets in the T-405s.

All drilled, ready for countersinking. I don't like countersinking thin material like the skins, but it has to be done for the skin to baffle holes.

Since I am using flop-tubes for fuel pick-ups, I needed to be careful where to put the rivets in the T-405. I could have just gone with flush head rivets, but if you can plan ahead, why not use what the plans call for. This was just a rough fit in the picture, and you can see where I had to move two of the holes further out so the AN nut wouldn't interfere with the rivets.