<June 11, 2006>

Shop Wiring... Complete!

Whooohooo! The shop wiring is done (pending city inspection). It was great to hear my compressor running and to see the shop lights shining bright again. That's pretty much it, I am now officially ready for airplane construction again... no more excuses!

Saturday night and all the wires have been run and receptacles installed. I was very tired from working in the heat of the garage attic all day so I called it a night.

Right back at it Sunday morning... It only took about an hour or so to get all the circuit breakers installed in the new panel. After having to do this at both homes/shops I am getting a lot better (quicker) at this. The 15A double-pole breaker is the dedicated circuit that feeds the compressor. At 240V it consumes half the amps that it would at 120V, so a 15A circuit is all that is needed.

The finished product, all that was left to do is tap into the power at the meter panel.

I hate working in a box where there is live electricity, especially when it is running at 240V and lots of Amps. I wore heavy rubber gloves, rubber boots and I made sure I wasn't standing near any metal objects. I managed to make the connection without frying myself, which is always a good thing.