<June 5, 2006>

Shop Wiring... Again!

Holy cow batman, two weeks since my last post! The good (no great) new is... the landscaping is done! Whooohooo! I have moved all the yard stuff out and I now have full use of the garage (I mean shop). While I have had a few house projects to take care of, I have been busy wiring the new shop. Much like my old shop, the power was inadequate for airplane building activities, so here I am upgrading the electical service (again). I have a new 100A subpanel installed in the gargage and I have about 80% of the new circuits wired. I am hoping one more good weekend of work and I will be ready to fire up the compressor again.

On a side note, a little over a year has passed since I started this project. I have logged about 290 hours at this point, and I am both happy and conerned about it at the same time. I am happy because while I have only logged 285 hours of construction time in the past twelve months, only seven of those months have I been building. I know that sounds a little strage, but what I am saying is that if we hadn't moved and I hadn't taken a few months away from construction, I would probably have just shy of 500 hours logged, and that is pretty good in my book. That being said, I really need to get back into construction mode if I want to fly this thing while I am young. I really can't afford to put in another sub-300-hour year. Gotta keep pound'n those rivets!

Before (Taken May 8th).

After (Taken May 29th). Time to fire up the bar-b!