<May 13, 2006>

New Wing Jigs Underway

Today I started the installation of my new wing jigs. They aren't entirely new, but the ceiling in this garage is about 1-foot higher than the ceiling in my old garage. Rather than trying to adapt the jigs, I bought some new lumber and built two new posts. I was able to get the new posts built and installed, and the rest of the jig attached to it before being called away for other chores.

The garage foudation is tensioned concrete, and is stamped with a big warning telling you not to drill into it. According to the builder there are tensioned cables running through it, and before we moved in we had to sign a form stating that we wouldn't drill into the slab or the warranty would be void. Therefore, instead of bolts and achors, I am using construction adhesive to hold the posts in place. It seems to be sticking really well so far, but only time will tell.

In between jig related tasks, I managed to assemble my new bbq grill. I can't wait for the landscapers to be finished so I can get all this yard related stuff out of the garage, and so I can start bbq-ing! It should only be a week or two more (I hope).

It's starting to look familiar. The new posts are the one towards the rear of the garage. I still have to mount the aluminum cross-bar (which holds the wings).

After some pondering I figured out what I think is a good way to attach the vertical posts to the ceiling.

This is pretty cool stuff. I was concerned about its ability to stick to the concrete, but I have been pleasantly surprised at its adhesion abilities.