<May 11, 2006>

Making Progress - Setting up Shop #2

Another few weeks has passed since my last post, but only because I have been super busy. The good news is that all of the airplane parts and tools are have been moved into the new garage and I am getting ready to set up shop once again. The bad new is I probably still have a few weeks to go before I am truly back in business, but so be it, I am making progress.

The new house is fantastic except for one thing... there was only 20 Amps of power run to the detached garage. Yikes! How in the world was I going to power my compressor, lights and the rest of the tools. I was in denial for a few days but with the assistance of builder John Sannizzaro (Captain John on VAF) I realized that I needed more power in the garage. This was going to be difficult because the current circuit ran through the walls of the house then underground to the garage. The complexity was compounded by the fact that the circuit breaker panel was upstairs, and I certainly wasn't about to start tearing into my new house to run more wires to the garage. This left me with only one good option; To run more power from the meter panel on the outside of the house underground to the garage, a run of about 120'. I originally didn't want to do this because the power enters the property on the opposite side of the yard/house as the garage and I knew it would be a PITA to dig the trench and run the feed, but it had to be done. As luck would have it, our landscapers started the installation of our yard last week, so I had them perform the back-breaking task of digging the 120' long trench for the conduit. Once it was dug, I bought a 500' spool of #4 stranded copper wire along with a bunch of 1-1/4" PVC conduit, and got to work.

It has now been about a week, and the conduit and wires have been inspected and covered, but it is not yet connected. In the meantime, I installed some overhead storage racks in the garage so that I could get our "stuff" out of the way so that I had more room for airplane parts. This weekend I intend to reinstall the wing jigs and hang the wings again. This will get them out of the way and allow me to start wiring the shop. There is no shortage of things to do around here, but at least I am spending time on shop related activities.

I am glad I didn't have to dig it! 120' long and 18" deep, my back would have been sore for weeks.

Wires have been run, inspected and covered. All that's left is to connect it all, oh I almost forgot, I still have to wire the garage.

Progress is being made. Parts are now hung and more tools have been brought back from storage. A few more weeks and I will be back in business.