<April 21, 2006>

Project Update... Getting ready to come home!

April 21??? Holy cow batman! Has it really been over two months since my last post and three months since I have touched the kit!?!? I canít believe it!

If you recall from my earlier post, my wife and I bought a new house and for the past few months we have been packing, moving, unpacking, dealing with contractors, landscapers and doing a heck of a lot of shopping for house stuff. The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn't the train. The project started returning home this weekend, to its new home that is. I had it stored in a friend's garage, and I was able to start moving it into our garage, what a great feeling! The latest round of work to the house gets finished this weekend (hopefully), so I should be ready to start setting up shop again soon. I can't wait!

Stuff everywhere! At least the airplane is home, but I have a lot of work still to do before the factory is back in operation.

One of my new neighbors drove by today on a really cool restored John Deere tractor. He looked like he was having a blast on what was a very nice spring day.