<January 21, 2006>

Various Tank Task

Hmmm... I am writing this several months after I did the actual work so I forget what I did on this night. I think I will just the pictures tell the story.

I started by drilling the joint-plate holes in the right tank. Not much to report here, I just made sure the tank was snug on the spar.

I then switched over to the z-brackets on the left. After drilling the inboard rib/baffle/bracket, I removed the leading edge assembly, per the Dan C method, and drilled the outboard rib to baffle to bracket.

I took the tank skins and interior ribs off, and drilled the remaining baffle to z-bracket holes.

The left tank reassembled and ready for countersinking.

Here is the results after countersinking the tank skin to baffle holes. I don't care for countersinking in thin material, but it has to be done here.

Then its time to take the tank apart AGAIN and drill the stiffeners.

I then turned to the capacitive fuel senders. I trimmed the sender plates, then drilled them to the appropriate ribs. Can you see my mistake here? Oh well, no big deal, it is just a small extra hole.