<January 10, 2006>

Replaced Inboard Z-Bracket

Before calling it quits last night I noticed that the holes in the inboard z-bracket weren't aligned well and I was having problems getting the bolts through the holes in the spar. I must have moved while I was drilling it. While I probably could have fixed it, I didn't like the looks of it and I was having a hard time getting the socket on one of the bolts so I decided to replace the inboard z-bracket. Not a big deal, I borrowed one from the left wing, besides, I had to order a few things from Van's this week so what's another $2.

I squared and clamped the new bracket into place prior to drilling. Once I was happy with the new bracket, I riveted the nutplates to the back of the spar. This wasn't that easy as there is very little room between the ribs in whick to work. Oh well, I got it done.

Oh, I almost forgot, before reinstalling the right tank, I drew a line down the forward flange of each z-bracket. This line was offset 1/16" away from the web. Remember, I offset the line on the forward flange (per Dan C) 1/16" toward the web, so this line must be offset away to account for that.

Here you can see the new improved bracket on the left, and the bad one on the right. I drew a line connectly the holes so you could see the difference in the hole alignment. It's a minor difference but when you saw it between the spar and tank, it looked worse.

I also noticed that the tank (top) wasn't sitting fluch with the top wing skin (bottom). I would expect things to snug up when it is all bolted together, but I am going to ask around to see if this is normal.