<January 5, 2006>

Clecoed Left Leading Edge

Before starting the Leading Edge I moved the clecos and finished drilling the bottom skin of the right wing. I needed the clecos for the leading edge so I had to do this first. Once the bottom was finished I removed the skins and turned my attention to the leading edge. I knew the leading edge was going to be a little tough to cleco but I got it done. You need to muscle the ribs in place but you also need to be careful not to scratch the inside of the skins. Yea right, easier said than done. I ran out of clecos so I had to stop with the one leading edge for now.

The left leading edge in the cradle and ready to install on the wing. I followed the instructions and clecoed the top of each rib first, then the bottom. I completed one rib and moved onto the next. I think this was a good idea as I had room to move without the other ribs in place. It was tough getting the clecos in the bottom, but with a little elbo-grease I got it done.

Now it is really starting to look like a wing. The inboard rib is just set in place for now.

I received a recent order from Aircraft Spruce today. Basically it was most of the fiberglass supplies needed for mounting the tips to the tail-feathers. It looks like a lot of stuff, and it is, but I have decided to smooth or fill the gaps (seam) between the fiberglass tips and the aluminim skins. From left to right there is fiberglass cloth, foam for sealing the tips, flocked cotton, epoxy pumps, West Micro light filler, 205 Fast Hardener, the 105 Epoxy Resin, and some 2" Dacron tape (peel-ply). The book in front is a little How-To guide from West Systems which you can order free from Aircraft Spruce.