<January 2, 2006>

More Wing Leveling

Happy New Year! The good new is I solved my wing leveling problem, the bad news is it took all day. After repeated attempts to bring everything into level, I discovered that one of the lower braces in my fixture was slightly off and when I clamped the rear spar to it, I threw everthing out of wack. In addition, I also found that the outboard rib was flexing a bit when everything was clamped tight. I was able to shim the lower brace to correct that issue, and after some head-scratching I was able to reinforce the piece of aluminum angle bolted to the outboard rib to reduce the flexing. All this combined with a little shimming has gotten the spars perfectly level at both ends and the wing twist adjusted to within 1/64" from end-to-end. I can certainly live with those numbers. Once I had fixed all this, I drilled the upper and lower skins on the left wing. Today was a major pain in the butt, but in the end it will be worth it. After several hours I was tired, cold and hungry so I called it a day.

Good on this end. You can't see it, but there are three layers of paper under one of the sides of the spar to bring it level.

Ok, good on this end too (I cheated, this picture was taken before some of my reinforcing, but it still illustrates the point).

Back on go the skins. Once the skins were on I clamped the rear spars into place and made any needed adjustments before installing all the clecos.