<December 31, 2005>

Clecoed on Wing Skins

I spent some time today leveling the wing skeletons in the fixtures. First I removed the skins I had clecoed on the other day, then I got the spars level and clamped to the fixture. Everything was going great, until I clecoed the skins back on. After hanging plumbs from each end of the wing, I had to make some adjustments to straigten the wings, when I did so it threw the spars out of level. I tried to correct the issue but I ran out of time and had to call it quits for the day.

I bought myself a digital protractor (level) from Sears. This thing makes leveling the wing spars easy, but I have to caution you. Its degree of accuracy can drive you nuts. I would get every thing set and make a adjustment somewhere and the level would read that I was off by 0.1-0.2 degrees. This probably isn't enough to worry about, but me being the detail-oriented person that I am, had to correct the issue. I ended up shimming the spars with pieces of paper, yes paper, to get them perfectly level. If I were using a regular bubble level there is no way I could have gotten to that level of accuracy.

The skins clecoed on again. When I took another measurement at the outboard end of the spar I was 0.2 degrees off level. I started getting a little frustrated, so I decided to walk away and revisit this tomorrow.