<December 15, 2005>

Drilled Elevator Horns

McMaster-Carr came through and I got my drill busing within 48-hours of ordering it... amazing! Tonight is somewhat of a symbolic night as it is the last of the work on the empennage for a while. Sure I still have the fiberglass tips to do, but as far as drilling, cutting and riveting go, this is pretty much it until I mount them to the fuse.

Here is the infamous $9 drill bushing from McMaster-Carr (with a #40 bit inserted). The bushing is 1/4" OD and 3/32" ID and is used to protect the main elevator bearing when drilling the horns.

The bushing was slightly large for the bearing so I chucked it into my drill press and took a little off using some emery cloth. After about 5-10 minutes of work on the drill press, it fit perfectly.

I clamped the elevators to the HS and checked for level between the two elevators... I am good to go.

Here goes nothing... you can see the bushing in place in the bearing. I started with a #40, then removed the elevator and enlarged the holes first with a #12, then final drilled with a 1/4" bit.

After all the drilling was done, I did another rough travel check and I mounted the fiberglass tips to the elevators. You can see there is a considerable gap here... there are going to require work.

Before calling it quits for the night I checked the operaion of the trim motor with a 9V battery and then cut the threaded rod to size. This will all get fine tuned duing the final assembly stage.