<December 14, 2005>

Installed Elevators

Back on the elevators tonight. I started by trimming the HS to allow the elevators to swing. I then turned my attention to trimming the rear HS spar to allow movement of the elevtor horns.

First I mounted each elevator, marked the HS skin, rough cut with a cut-off wheel in the dremel tool, then I hit it with the files, then emery cloth, and finaly the Scotch-Brite pad.

The rough cut of the rear HS spar (bottom pictured).

After smoothing it out. Again... files, emery cloth, Scotch-Brite.

I mounted both elevators and used a protractor to do a rough travel check. All within spec.

A double-check to make sure I trimmed leaving the perscribed amount of clearance.

After clamping the elevators level I was surprised to see this much variation in the horns. From what I've read, the parts aren't manufactured so exact and this is normal.