<December 12, 2005>

Assembled New Trim Tab

Tonight, I started by riveting the the trim motor cover, then I got to work on the trim tab. I am happy to say, Trim Tab Part II is officially complete. It is much better than the first one I built, so I am happy. Once all that was done, I installed the elevator bearings but stopped short of mounting the elevators to the HS.

Here is the completed new trim motor cover. It is hard to make out from the picture, but the top two rivets are Oops rivets. I used Oops rivets here so I didn't have to dimple the cover, instead choosing to countersink for the small head of the Oops rivet. I did this because the trim motor was hitting the shop heads of these two rivets when the holes were dimpled and riveted with standard rivets.

It is hard to see, but to get the alignment right, I stretched a piece of fishing line between the inboard and outboard elevator tip. I had to twist the trim tab a little to get the aligment right, but once I was happy with it, I drilled the holes in the trim tab ends. If doing this for the first time, I would still use a straight-edge to make the initial alignment.

All done... much better.