<December 6, 2005>

Trim Tab II - The Sequel

At last, I got back into the shop! I decided to tackle the trim tab tonight. If you recall, all this was done months ago, but I just wasn't happy with the aligment so I decided to do it again. Overall I am pretty pleased with the way the new trim tab is turning out. As a matter of fact, if I were Van's, I would sell the trim tab as a practice kit for prospective builders. That way, when they got the the real trim tab in their kit, they have already done it one time.

I started by bending the end tabs which seemed to go a lot better than the first time. It is amazing what a little experience will yield. Here you can see that I was able to get the bend line nice an square with the leading edge of the trim tab.

The outboard tabs... looking good so far.

And the inboard tabs. I think the key this it to take it nice and slow and to be very gentle. This isn't perfect, but it is a lot better than the first one.

I knew I had the alignment of the hinge pretty good on the first tab, so rather than trying to align everything from scratch, I decided to use the old hinge as a drilling jig for the new hinge. I clamped the two hinges together with a thin piece of wood in between and drilled away. If you look closely you can see that I offset the new hinge to one side. I did this to move the trim tab closer to elevator tab. Because I now have a rib instead of tabs on the elevator, I don't need as much space between them since I won't have to worry about the pop-rivets on the elevator tab interferring with the pop-rivets on the trim tab.

The finished alignment, again, much better than before.