<November 26, 2005>

Primed Wing Ribs

Today was a ton of work, and I am glad it is now behind me! Here was the order of the day...

  • Scrub the ribs in the tub with a soapy (Dawn) Scotch-Brite pad
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Etch the ribs with AFS Etch/Cleaner
  • Rinse again, and hang to dry
  • A last wipe with a MEK soaked rag to remove any dust left from the scrubbing
  • Prime

I think the etching is probably unessary, but since I still had the AFS etcher I did it anyway, besides, it the simplest part of the process and it removes any soap residue. It took several hours to do all this, and my back is killing me, but since we had decent weather today I wanted to make sure I got it all done.

All that paper that came in the wing kit boxes was put to good use. I started by spraying the flanges, then after a few minutes I hit the webs. Unfortunately, it being autumn, I had some leaves blow off a nearby tree and into my tacky primer... Argh!

A light semi-transparent coat is all you need or want. Once they were dry enough to touch I moved them into the garage to dry overnight. That is enough for one day!