<November 25, 2005>

Match-Drilled Right Wing Ribs/Spars

Pretty much a repeat of last night except I worked on the right wing. After clecoing it all together I match-drilled the ribs and spars. Pretty mundane stuff. Once I was finished, I disassmled it all, making sure it was all properly marked, and started the scrubbing operation in preparation of a big priming session tomorrow.

The right wing all clecoed together. I after match drilling the read ribs to the spars, I removed the outboard ribs so I could get to the holes where the nose ribs attach to front spar.

All the ribs marked and ready for scubbing then priming. I managed to get a few scrubbed clean tonight, but called it quits after the first round of nose ribs. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!