<November 23, 2005>

Drilled Holes for Bushings

Tonight I drilled out the upper and lower tooling holes in the left wing ribs to make accomodations for the SafeAir1 Pitot and AOA tubing kits. I figured it was better and easier to do this now while the ribs were easy to get to. I contacted SafeAir1 last week and they said the proper size hole for the bushings in their plumbing kits is 3/8". So I clamped each rib to the drill press and using my unibit, drilled the tooling holes to 3/8". I had drilled the 3/4" holes for the conduit last night, and I noticed some chatter of the unibit, so tonight I placed a piece of wood under the ribs and drilled into it (a new hole each time) when drilling the tooling holes. This seemed to keep the unibit from chattering and the holes smoother.

Once I had finished drilling the tooling holes, spent a few minutes deburring the holes and then I clecoed the ribs to the spar. It really starts looking cool now!

Here you can see the upper and lower tooling holes drilled to 3/8". The middle 7/16" hole provided by Van's will stay open and available for future use.

Cool! It is starting to take shape. This is the left wing with the rear ribs and spar cleco'ed to it. I called it quits for the night.