<November 11, 2005>

Completed Wing Rib Deburring

Thank God it's over! The wing rib deburring that is. What a pain in the butt that was. Unfornutately, I still have to straigten the flanges and flute the ribs, but I don't think that will be as boring as the deburring. I even took some pictures today.

Here is how I deburred the spaces between each flange. I cut 8" x 3/16" strips of 400-grit emery cloth and just moved them up and down between the flanges like flossing teeth. I was able to get a rib done with each stip of emery cloth I cut. You can see the used emery cloth in the backgound, but I didn't care. Twenty feet of the emery cloth was about $5, and it was money well spent. After I finished deburring between the flanges, I mounted my 2" Scotch-Brite wheel into my die-grider and deburred the lightening holes in the ribs.

Here they are, all deburred, waiting to be straightened (the flanges) and fluted.