<November 6, 2005>

More Wing Rib Deburring

Not much to report today, just more wing rib deburring. Yuk!

Since I am prepping the ribs I am thinking about how I want to run wiring and tubing in the wing. I purchased the conduit from Van's so that is a given, but I am thinking I may drill these holes out and put in plastic snap-bushings. I am not sure what instrumentation I will be using, but if I had to buy it today, it would probably be a Dynon EFIS using their Angle-of-Attack Pitot. If I go that route, I will need 2 lines (pitot and AOA) in the wing. So if I drill all three of these out and insert snap-bushings, that gives me the two holes for the air lines, and one hole for future expansion. Maybe I would run the high-voltage stobe line through there... decisions, decisions.