<November 5, 2005>

Started Wing Rib Deburring

There sure are a lot of wing ribs to deburr! I decided I would just break this job up into small 2 hour deburring sessions over the course of the next week. I decided to deburr everything first, then I will adjust the flanges and flute.

My process so far... First I hit the edges on the regular deburring wheel, then I smooth them further with a pass on the light deburring wheel. After that, I use folded/rolled emery cloth to get into the cracks and crevises, followed with a light buffing with a Scotch-Brite pade. Once that is done, I hit the lightening holes first with some emery cloth to get the big stuff off, then the 2" Scotch-Brite wheel in the die-grinder. It's a lot of work but it is going pretty quick.