<October 31, 2005>

Dimpled & Clecoed Rear Spars

Since tonight was Halloween and I had other things going on, it was a real short night in the shop. Hey, I can't complain, progress is progress. I started the night by dimpling the necessary holes and then I clecoed everything togehter in preparation for riveting.

I dimpled the 3/32" holes in the flanges now as it would probably be tough to dimple these together once riveted. It is stuff like this that you need to figure out for yourself when building the wings... the directions certainly aren't as detailed as they were with the empennage. I found it a little difficult to dimple the doublers because the holes were so close to the web and the angle is less than 90-degrees. I tried every tool in the chest, but couldn't get a good angle on these. The vise-grip dimpler proved useless on this .040. In the end I used the pneumatic squeezer and ended up distorting the flanges on the doublers a little, but I was able to bend them back using my hand seamer.

Thanks to Zack Sedecki I was directed to this post on VAF. Zack had asked if it was ok to dimple the holes that attach the doubler, spar and rib rather than countersinking them. The answer according to the post was yes, so I did. I will just need to remember to dimple the aft flange of the rib that attaches here. The aileron attach bracket gets riveted on top here so you need a flush surface. Here you can see a rivet sitting in the dimple.

The plans say not to rivet specific holes, but you have to use your head here. There are additional holes that shouldn't be riveted at this stage, such as the 2nd column of rivets from the left. These are where the aileron hinge bracket will attach later. If you look, you will see that only 6 rivets can be done now. Do yourself a favor and study the plans well at this point, or you will find yourself drilling out rivets that shouldn't have been set.

Here are both spars clecoed and ready for riveting. Any hole that that shouldn't be riveted now got blue tape.