<October 29, 2005>

Deburred & Trimmed Rear Spar Parts

This morning I met my friend Joe for breakfast and then he came over to see the project. Joe is a pilot, and was curious to see an airplane under construction. It was good catching up with him... I keep telling him he needs to buy an airplane (or build one).

After the morning show-and-tell, I started the rear spars. Bascially today was just a lot of deburring, most of which was done on the bench-grinder (deburring wheel).

I started by hitting the edges of all the parts (except the spars) with the deburring wheel on the bench grinder. For spots that couldn't be gotten to with the wheel, such as between the blades of the Rear Spar Reiforcing Fork (W-707G), I used the file, followed by emery cloth (sometimes wrapped around a file), and finally the scotchbrite pad. This sequence seemed to work well.

I then maked the read spar parts for trimming, according to the dimensions on the plans. I sure am glad I bought a band saw as I was able to trim all four parts in just minutes.

After trimming the parts (W-707D & W-707G), I clecoed them together and deburred them (together) with the deburring wheel. This ensured they were exactly the same shape. If I had to do this again, I would have just cut them together and saved myself a few minutes. Oh well, no harm done. Make sure you mark the Left and Right parts at this point.