<October 28, 2005>

Riveted & Installed Tie-Downs

Still more tie-down stuff tonight. I am headed out with friends tonight (it is Friday), but I managed to squeeze in an hour of shop time before heading out. Hey, the wife is out of town, a guy has to have some fun doesn't he? ;-)

I clecoed everything together and got ready to rivet. The SEM primer does a nice job.

All riveted. I thought the rivets called for in the plans were about a half a size too short, but since they are the longest I got, and they are only holding the nutplates in place, it really isn't a big deal. Nothing else really exciting to report here, this is pretty mundane stuff. I was happy to see everything lined up perfectly.

I installed all the prescribed hardware and snugged it up, but I still have to torque it to specs.

The front showing the aileron bellcrank brackets installed. It's party time!