<October 22, 2005>

Wing Jig Construction

I had the goal of finishing my wing jigs today, but the gods were smiling on me today. I orginally wanted to anchor the posts to the concrete with anchors, but the 40-year old concrete proved to be too old and hard to drill. I burnt through two masonry bits and final gave up in favor of construction adhesive. Id did manage to get two of the legs anchored before the 2nd bit called it quits, so I think between the legs that are anchored and the adhesive, I will be just fine.

Here's what I ended up with. Since my garage door was in the way, I decided to go with the 4-post design. In additional to being stronger, it has the added benefit of allowing you to walk between the wing panels. As I mentioned before, I am a bit space constrained, so I hope I left enough room between the posts (wings) to work. You can see that I made good use of the wing spar box as a way to tie the posts together. If you look closely at the bases of the post you can see the bead of construction adhesive I placed to hold the posts in position. So far so good.