<October 13, 2005>

Trim Tab & Trim Motor Work

After a few days of vacation it was time to get back into the shop and get serious. I started by re-examining the trim tab I finished last week, and I came the conclusion I just wasn't happy with it. It was straight before I riveted it, but afterwards it had a bend/slant of about 3/32" from one end to the other and I just wasn't down with that... So it had to go! I started the night by drilling out the rivets attaching the trim tab, and I am going to order new parts and build a second one. Oh well.

The rest of the night included making some shims for the trim motor and getting the wing spars clamped to the bench.

If you recall, I had a problem where the trim motor was hitting the shop head of one of the rivets attaching the trim motor brackets to the trim cover plate. From what I can gather, many builders have had this same problem and thanks to Jeff Bordelon and his web site, I made some shims out of .040 to raise the motor up.

Fits like a glove!

I finished the night by setting up the wing spars in preparation for countersinking. If you clamp the spars like I did, make sure not to clamp too tight as you could bend the spar caps (flange).