<September 28, 2005>

Drilled Trim Tab

I got some good news today... my wings arrive tomorrow. I better get cracking on this trim tab stuff. Tonight I started work drilling and assembling the trim tab, including the dreaded trim tab hinge.

Spar the horns installed and drilled. So far so good. I used the horns that came with the electric trim kit, instead of the ones that came with the tail kit. I checked and the horns in the trim kit are of the exact dimensions as the ones in the tail kit, but do not require trimming for the electric trim.

I then drew a line down the hinge (as detailed in the plans) and clamped the hinge in place with the line showing through the holes in the trim tab spar and skin. At this point I also paid close attention where the hinge would need to be cut, and I positioned the hinge to that the ends were complete portions of the hinge (see next pic).

You can see how I positioned the hinge so that the portion of the hinge attaching to the elevator would be complete while the portion attaching to the trim tab would require some trimming.

All drilled and ready for the deburr, dimple, prime routine!

Here is the inboard edge hinge after trimming. You want a complete portion of hinge to attach to the elevator, or at least some portion.