<September 11, 2005>

Elevator Trim & Edge-Finishing

Short but good day in the shop today. I drilled the parts to mount the trim servo, duburred them, and then completed the edge-finishing on the left elevator skin. I called it quits early today because the honey-do list is getting really long. In all seriousness, I really needed to get some yard work done as I have neglected my chores since starting this project... oops.

Update… The benefit of experience being what it is, I might choose to do this differently next time. In short, I would dimple and prime the cover, but I wouldn’t drill and mount the motor attach brackets yet. Why? Because it isn’t until you are finished with the elevators and have mounted the trim tab that you will know where the control horn on the trim tab will be, and it might have been better for the alignment of the control linkage to wait on this. See my log pages for November 29th and December 12th.

I started by laying some tape on the back side of the trim cover plate. Why tape? Because I have read about some builders having problems getting this to line up, and I didn't want to be drawing lines all over my nice clean primer. ;-) The lines you see here are what the plans call for.

I didn't capture a good photo, but when you lined the trim servo Z-bracket up with the line, it wasn't right. It was obvious that the dimensions on the plans were wrong. So I started moving the servo to the right until I was happy with how it all lined up. This was an "after" picture, still not perfect, but a lot better than it was.

Here you can see just how off the plans were. The line you see is the original alignment line per the instructions. To get the trim servo aligned properly, I had to move the assembly about 1/8" to the right from what the plans called for.

Here is a good shot once it was all drilled, you can see the original alignment line with and "x" throught it. If I had used the plans given dimensions, the clevis and pushrod surely would have interfered with the opening in the cover, and I would have had to make the opening larger. I am glad I took the time to question the plans before I started drilling.