<August 24, 2005>

Drilled the Right Elevator

You would think that after today's ride with Dan that I would be up into the wee hours of the night working on my airplane. I wanted to, but I was tired, so I didn't get much done, but hey, progress is progress so I am not going to complain. In a nutshell, I drilled the elevator counterweights, drilled the right skin to the substructure, and dimpled the right counterbalance skin.

Here is the counterbalance assembly after drilling. This was no big deal, I just lubed up a drill bit with boelube and drilled about 1/4" then relubed the bit, drilled another 1/4"... I think you get the point.

Not much to see here... this is the right elevator ready for drilling. Yawn.

To dimple these holes I started with my #8 dimple die, then used a scrap piece of wood with hole drilled in it and a female dimple cut in it as a die. I placed the screw throught the hole in the metal and then the wood, and put a nut on the end of the screw, and tightened until the screw head was flush. It seemed to work pretty good for me.