<August 23, 2005>

Fit & Drill New Elevator Ribs

My wife had other plans for me tonight (no, not in a good way) so I only got about an hour in the shop tonight. If you recall, I was was having problems with the elevator ribs last week. I emails Van's a picture of the rib with the bad flanges, and they agreed to send me new ribs stating "It looks like they slipped off the form during manufacture." Today the ribs arrived so I got back at it. They still didn't fit perfectly, but with a little tweaking I was able to make it all work.

Here are the two sets of spars and ribs clecoed together. I had to make some adjustments, but I got it to work. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

This was a tough spot... I fluted both ribs the best I could, but there was still a little bit of an issue getting them to lay flat against each other. I am holding the counterbalance skin here as a test, and you can see one of the holes is a little off. My hope is that once this is all clecoed together, everything will line up a bit better.

The next step was to cleco in the counterbalance weights... this was a $#*&!@. I had to file a little off the weight using a rasp in order for all this to go together. The first few clecos were the toughest, but they got easier as I went along and things seemed to be lining up better with all the clecos in place. I did the other side, and called it a night.