<August 17, 2005>

Dimpled Elevator Skins & Start Trim

I managed to squeeze a little bit of time in the shop tonight. Not too exciting though, just some dimpling. I started by dimpling the elevator skins on my DRDT-2 (I really love that tool), and then I moved onto the trim.

I got an email back from Van's yesterday about the rib with the funky flanges. Van's seems to think that it may have slipped off the form during manufacturing so they are going to send me new tip ribs. I am hoping that maybe my other issue from the other night will be fixed by the new ribs.

The instructions are somewhat vague when it comes to the trim set up, and I have read where other builders wish they had started worked on the trim sooner. With that in mind I decided to get the Trim Reinforcing Plate (E-615PP?) and Trim Cover Plate (E-616PP?) ready to go. This way, I can back rivet in the reinforcing plate at the same time I do the elevator stiffeners. I deburred and dimpled everything now so that I can prime these parts and have them ready to go. I used my #6 Dimple Dies for the screw holes, and my #3 Tank Dies where the reinforcing plate gets riveted to the skin. The holes around the nutplates aren't dimpled because I am going to use NAS1097 rivets to attach the nutplates to the Trim Reinforcing Plate. These are special rivets that have a reduced factory head, and I will countersink, yes countersink, the hole in the reinforcing plate for these rivets. You'll see how it's done when I get there.