<August 13, 2005>

Trim & Drill Elevator Stiffeners

Onto another component today! I took a few days away from construction so I could get a few things done around the house, but it was good to get back in the shop. We had nice day today with the highs in the mid-80s, so working in the shop was nice for a change. I started the elevators today, and while it was a productive day, I did make one mistake (see below)... D'oh!

After spending the better part of an hour trimming, I had a pile-o-stiffeners ready for deburring. There are a couple oddball stiffeners you have to fabricate by trimming a few to specific lenghts as identified on the plans. This really wasn't difficult, just tedious. I think about 75% of the time I was in the shop today was spent trimming and deburring the stiffeners.

I just used some duct tape to hold back the upper skin while drilling the lower. Worked pretty well with a minimal of fuss.

The first batch of stiffeners match-drilled to the skins. With this many stiffeners you really need to do a good job marking the them or you will never figure out which goes where again.

In a moment of stupidity and inattention, I managed to cause quite a mess. I cleco'ed the stiffener to the spar hole, instead of the first stiffener hole, and started drilling. I ended up putting three extra holes in the skin before I realized I was actually drilling through the skin, not just match drilling the holes. I can't beleive I did this, but nothing I can do about it now. I checked and a new skin is $60, so I am going to try to salvage this one. Since only the skin is effected, I might just be able to deburr the holes and then fill them later, or I can match-drill the stiffener and put rivets in these holes. The good news is... It is on the BOTTOM of the elevator, where you will never see it!

I then drilled the doublers to the spar before the wife called me in for dinner, I will pick up here tomorrow.