<August 2, 2005>

Rivet the Rudder Skeleton

After running some errands tonight I managed to get some time in the shop. I started riveting the rudder skeleton tonight, and tomorrow I will move onto the skins.

The first of the doublers riveted to the rudder spar... trust me they look great from the other side.

See, I told you they look great.

The R-904 Rib and associated parts clecoed in place and ready for riveting. I don't know if it was the thickness of my primer, but I found the AN470AD4-7 rivets called for in the plans were too short and moved up to -8's. With the increased length comes the increased potenial for error, and sure enought I bent two over and had to drill them out and replace them. D'oh!

After riveting the R-912 Counterbalance Rib to the spar it was time to rivet in the R-913 Counterbalance Skin. I did so with my trusty 4" No-Hole Yoke and it worked perfectly.

When it came time to install the Counterbalance Weight I found that a few of the shop heads from the rib/skin wouldn't allow the weight to sit in position. I got out my round file and just filed some grooves to make room for the rivets. In case you are wondering, I sprayed-painted my counterbalance weight with some white enamel. Why? Why not, I had the enamel sitting around and I had to wait for the primer to dry.

Everyone elses site seems to have a picture of the installed counterbalance weight, so why shouldn't I?

In the end, this is what I ended up with. Not bad for a night's work.