<July 30, 2005>

More Rudder Work - Drill, Deburr & Dimple

More rudder work today. I started by fabricating and attaching the Bottom Attach Strips, then I match drilled any remaining holes, followed by some dimpling and deburring. Nothing too exciting today, but still progress.

I encountered a small problem with the directions today. In one step you match-drill the entire rudder, and in the next step you trim and mount the R-710 Horn Brace. The directions tell you to match-drill the brace to the structure, but make no mention of the ribs/skin. I followed the directions, and I discoved that when I disassembled the rudder, R-710 had no holes in it to mount to the skin. D'oh! I had to put a portion of it back together and match-drill the holes in the brace. I dunno, maybe it's me, maybe I just missed something in the directions, but why would they specifically tell you to match-drill it to the structure, but then ommit to tell you to match-drill it to the skin? Oh well, no harm done.

I fabricated the R-918 Bottom Attach Strips as per the plans. Here you can see the left has been drilled, while the right is clamped and ready for drilling.

It was really hard to dimple the aft few holes in the R-903 Rudder Tip Rib. In the end, I posted a question to the Vans Air Force Forums, and I was told to just bend the flange out of the way so that I could reach the holes with my vise-grip dimplers. It worked fine.

I set up my DRDT-2, but since most of the holes in the rudder skins that needed to be dimpled are very close to the edge, I just found it faster to use my pneumatic squeezer to dimple the skins. There were only about 4 or 5 holes that I could reach with the pneumatic squeezer, so I used the DRDT-2 on those.