<July 21, 2005>

Trim & Drill the Rudder Stiffeners

Tonight I trimmed the rudder stiffeners and then match drill them with the skins. This was easier than I thought it would be, and the best part is I didn't make any mistakes. ;-)

After a few minutes of studying the plans I figured out how the cuts are to be made. I used a combination of my band saw and snips to make the cuts.

The cut stiffeners, but before trimming to length. I trimmed them by marking laying the stiffener on the skin and circling the last rivet hole in the stiffener before the cut line.

I should have taken a picture before I made the cuts, but I basically took a finished stiffener (the long one on the bottom), and used it as a guide to make my cut lines. I lined up the last hole in the finished stiffener with the last hole (the one I circled) in the stiffener to be cut. I used the cut stiffener as a guide and drew a line. The picture is bad because I had already cut the lower stiffener, and was just using the 2nd hole as an example. You can see where I had already marked (and then cut) the stiffener on the bottom.

The stiffeners cut to length.

For match drilling the skin and stiffeners I did as the instructions said, I put a piece of wood under the skin and drilled into it making a hole that would hold a cleco. This method works well, and hold everything in place while drilling.

Match drilling of the right skin complete. I placed the spar and trailing edge wedge (not pictured) on the skin to make sure I didn't have any issues with the stiffeners being too long.

Left skin done. Again, I placed the spar and wedge on the skin to check for interference before disassembling and priming.