<July 19, 2005>

Prime VS-706 Rib

No pictures today, but you really didn't need to see my priming anyway did you? A few days ago when dimpling the VS sub-structure, I managed to create what all builders fear... the dreaded dimple-eight! That's right, while dimpling the VS-706 rib with my pneumatic squeezer, I got trigger happy and dimpled an additional hole adjacent to the factory provided hole. D'oh! This isn't really a big deal and the part was salvageable, but I would have had to drill a new hole in the rib and skin. I thought about it for a minute, and the new hole would be at the top of the tail, at eye level. So rather than messing up my perfect skin by drilling another hole, I just decided to replace the rib. I thought about using an oops rivet, but the dimple die really tore the metal and I would have had to drill a 1/4" hole in the rib to remove the cracks.

Anywhooo... my new rib (VS-706) came in today, so I did the edge-finish, flute, match-drill, dimple, prime thing tonight. Tomorrow I will assemble the VS.